WATCH: Hugh Grant Reveals Which of His Leading Ladies Disliked Him on Set

04/15/2016 AT 09:20 PM EDT

Hugh Grant is spilling some major secrets when it comes to the biggest female names in Hollywood.

In an episode of The Graham Norton Show, the actor, along with his Florence Foster Jenkins costar Meryl Streep, recalls which of his leading ladies ... well, dislike him.

"When you talk about your costars, you're quite open about them," Norton says to Grant. "Do you remember the things you said about them?"

"I think it was regrettable," Grant, 55, responds with a smirk.

Then, Norton continues listing some memorable and not-so-memorable quotes that Grant has said throughout the years.

"Emma Thompson – 'Clever, funny, mad as a chair,' " says Norton.

He continues, "Renée Zellweger – 'Delightful. Also, far from sane.'"

"Fair," Grant says with comedic timing. "She is genuinely lovely but her emails are 48 pages long. I can't understand a word of them. I'll put them on Twitter."

"Sandra Bullock – 'Genius, German, but too many dogs,' " the talkshow host says.

Then he gets into the list of leading ladies who (Grant humorously claims) don't like him, including Julianne Moore ("loathes me"), Rachel Weisz ("despises me") and Drew Barrymore ("hates me").

"She made the mistake of giving me notes," Grant says of Barrymore. Then, asking Streep,"How would you take that?"

In classic Streep form, she hilariously responds, "I took it very well, didn't I? I'm kidding!"
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