See the Shocking Moment Caitlyn Jenner Gets Hung Up on After Calling a Transphobic Church

04/22/2016 AT 05:05 PM EDT

Caitlyn Jenner isn't backing down – even when faced with less-than-open ears.

In a sneak peek at Sunday's upcoming season finale of I Am Cait, Jenner, 66, and her friends travel to Houston and end up getting involved with pastors resisting LGBT rights by supporting the repeal of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance.

"We came to Houston to do something about this city's response to the hatred, especially of five pastors, who turned an entire Human Rights Ordinance into a lie about bathrooms," Jenner's friend Kate Bornstein explains. "Caitlyn's idea was, 'I'll go see them and talk with them face to face.' "

Upon arriving at their hotel room, I Am Cait star Jennifer Boylan decides to call a church where one of the pastors works and asks to speak to him.

When the woman on the other end of the line informs her the pastor isn't there, Boylan announces herself as someone visiting from out of town hoping to attend a prayer service.

After being told given details of a service that evening, Boylan asks: "I'm a transgender woman who's looking for a place to worship, would I be welcome at the service this evening?"

When there's no response, Jenner motions to Boylan to hand her the phone.

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"How are you doing? Caitlyn Jenner here," Jenner says.

After a moment of silence, the line goes dead. Jenner and the rest of the women are shocked as they realize they've been hung up on.

"She got the click!" Candis Cayne says.

"I thought that everybody just loved you!" Boylan says incredulously.

"That's actually all the more reason we need to go tonight," Jenner says determinedly.

The I Am Cait season finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on E!
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