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WATCH: I Am Cait's Jennifer Boylan Describes Coming Out as a 'Kind of Adolescence'

04/23/2016 AT 11:10 AM EDT

On I Am Cait, transgender scholar Jennifer Boylan is often tasked with helping Caitlyn Jenner understand her transition.

Boylan describes the process as a "kind of adolescence."

"Adolescence is about trying on identities. Figuring out who am I going to be," Boylan says in an exclusive clip from Sunday's Oprah: Where Are They Now?.

Oprah Winfrey asks, "Isn't there a period where you're an adolescent, and a narcissistic adolescent at that?"

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Boylan admits that when she joined the show, she was "still in the middle of that" process.

"It's good to be curious about who you are and to learn who you are," says Boylan, now 57, but who came out in her late 30s. "But I think the later you come out, the more there is the let go of and the more there is to learn and the more there is to unlearn."

The I Am Cait season finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on E! Oprah: Where Are They Now? airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on OWN.
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