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Get That Passport Ready: Here's What's on Ian McKellen's Bucket List

Ian McKellen Shares His Bucket List
Ian McKellen at the New York premiere of Mr. Holmes
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07/20/2015 AT 04:10 PM EDT

At 76 years old, Ian McKellen has started using the phrase "I'm at that age." And he's not too thrilled about it.

"I should be wearing a hearing aid," he also admits to PEOPLE in the magazine's latest issue.

But just because he's at "that age" doesn't mean the Mr. Holmes star is planning on slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, he's got a lot left to cross off on his bucket list (a phrase he says he heard for the first time "about three weeks ago").

First on the list is traveling.

"I want to go to Easter Island and see the statues, but it's a very difficult place to get to," he says. "I would like to see Mount Everest – not climb it, but I would like to see it."

He also "dreams" of learning French.

"Not to be able to talk to someone who doesn't understand English seems really irresponsible," he says.

And then there's mastering technology.

"I'd like to find out how the computer works," says McKellen. "I just can't use it. I can send an email but when they come back to me, they go straight to junk and I'm sure it's my fault."

But even with his long list of to-dos (he'd also like to lose some weight), at the end of the day McKellen just wants to keep "jogging right along" doing what he loves: acting.

"I've been able to [make a living acting] for a long time now," he says when asked if he plans to retire. "And if I couldn't do that, I don't know what kind of fun I'd get out of life."

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