Amazing Aerial View of Iceland's Mount Bardarbunga Erupting (VIDEO)


Mount Bardarbunga's eruption

10/21/2014 AT 09:20 AM EDT

It's unlikely you'll get a chance to get much closer to an active volcano than this, so enjoy it.

Gísli Gíslason shot this video from a helicopter about seven weeks into Mount Bardarbunga's eruption – the volcano "shows no signs of slowing down," as he writes on YouTube.

Bardarbunga is a part of the second-tallest mountain in Iceland, nestled in the country's Holuhraun lava fields, a massive volcanic system. Its eruption is the largest in Iceland in centuries – by the beginning of the month, it had already put record amounts of sulfur dioxide into Iceland's atmosphere.

No deaths have been recorded, but the heightened levels of pollution can play havoc with the elderly and people living with lung ailments, according to Russia Today.

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