Idris Elba Makes History by Being the First Solo Man to Be Featured on Maxim Cover

Idris Elba Covers Maxim: He's the First Man to Make the Cover
Idris Elba on the cover of Maxim

08/04/2015 AT 07:15 PM EDT

My, oh, my!

Idris Elba has set the bar high by being the first male to appear on the cover of Maxim.

"We've never in US Maxim history had a man on the cover solo," Maxim's new editor-in-chief Kate Lanphear told Racked about her decision to put Elba on the cover of the September issue. "This is the very first time, and there was no one else in the world more badass that Idris."

The magazine has been known to feature women who are scarcely, yet tastefully, clothed for their covers throughout the years. However, the 42-year-old actor seemed to be a primary candidate for the September issue, given his multi-talented persona.

"For me, he was really the perfect embodiment of what I think the new 'Maximman' is," Lanphear said. "He's multi-dimensional, he's complex, he's sophisticated, but he's down to earth. It was funny when on set, I was like, 'Is there anything this guy can't do?'


Not only is Elba an award-winning actor, but he is a DJ, owns a clothing line, and, oh, and the most important of them all: he's a father to two beautiful children.

That's not all!

"This guy broke the [British] land speed record which hasn't been touched since like 1928," Lanphear said. "He's sort of a living, breathing superhero."
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