Children's Slide with a Kid Still Inside Blows Away in Brazil (VIDEO)


The slide that took flight

10/20/2014 AT 09:15 AM EDT

Heck of a way to wind down a party.

Western São Paulo's Panorama City in Brazil holds an annual Children's Day of celebrations, but this year's was marked by a bit of a mishap: Powerful winds scattered celebrants and party equipment alike, including – in one harrowing incident – an inflatable slide, which was lifted and blown several feet with a child still inside.

Fortunately, the boy, 9, fell out of the slide before it got too high, and he survived with minor injuries.

The video shows ambulances arriving, and while the party was canceled, it seems that no one else was hurt.

Earlier this year, there were two separate incidents in which a "bouncy house" took flight with children inside. This has not been a good year for the inflatable children's toy industry, public relations-wise.

The Pumpkin Festival, Children's Day – Is nothing safe anymore?

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