Iowa Couple's $100 Tip for Terrible Service Goes Viral

Iowa Couple's $100 Tip for Terrible Service Goes Viral
Steven and Makenzie Schultz's restaurant receipt
Courtesy Makenzie Schultz

09/30/2014 AT 06:50 AM EDT

The waiter didn't deserve a $1 tip, much less $100. But Makenzie Schultz didn't see it that way.

A remarkable story of kindness from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has gone viral after Schultz and her husband Steven tipped $100 on a $66 bill this weekend – and posted the receipt on Facebook – despite getting awful service all night long.

"Our service tonight sucked," Makenzie wrote bluntly on her Facebook post. "Took 20 minutes to get water, 40 minutes for an appetizer and over an hour for our entree. People all around us were making fun of the restaurant & how bad the service was. Yeah, it was pretty terrible."

But rather than complain and stiff the waiter, as many patrons seemed to be doing, the Schultzes did just the opposite. They felt badly for him – he had way too many tables to handle at once – and decided to make his night with the incredibly generous tip.

"I said to Steven… Wow, this used to be us. Waiting tables. I don't miss it at all," Makenzie wrote. "I'm just sharing this as a friendly reminder to think of the entire situation, before you judge. And always always always remember where you came from."

She thought she was just giving her Facebook friends something to think about. But as of Tuesday morning, the photo has been liked almost 1.5 million times.

"We tried to be as nice to him as possible, and he was so nice to us,” Makenzie tells ABC News. "One message said, 'A little love goes a long way.' Obviously this post went a long way."

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