Watch Jay Pharoah Impersonate Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and More in Under Four Minutes on SNL

03/06/2016 AT 03:15 PM EST

If there was any question about Saturday Night Live star Jay Pharoah's impression skills, it's safe to say it's officially been laid to rest.

During the sketch show's Weekend Update segment on Saturday night, the actor re-enacted a faux "annual meeting" between the black comedians of Hollywood, purported to be held to settle a real-life dispute between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart.

In the short clip, Pharoah first imagined a conversation between Hart and Williams, taking on both roles.

Later, he mimicked Tracy Morgan and Broad City's Hannibal Buress, as well as Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker. "Africa, Dave who wanna go to Africa? Africans don't even want to go to Africa, and they live there," he joked as Chris Rock.

When Pharoah, 28, became the late Bernie Mac, however, it was clear the meeting was only in his mind.

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Pharoah's impressions extend beyond comedians – the actor also portrays President Barack Obama on SNL.
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