Jennifer Aniston Says Women Should Be Less Critical of Themselves: 'All Bodies Are Beautiful'

Jennifer Aniston Talks Body Acceptance
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04/08/2016 AT 04:45 PM EDT

Even Jennifer Aniston struggles with body confidence sometimes.

"Let's face it, we are so overly critical of ourselves – with the obsession with perfection, trying to reach a goal that's unrealistic," the actress, 47, told Refinery29 as part of its Take Back The Beach initiative.

Aniston is encouraging women to be a little less critical and to love their bodies the way they are.

"We should take care of what we have and not take it for granted, because it's our one body," she told the website. "All bodies are beautiful."

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The star is the latest to weigh in on issues of body acceptance.

"We have to stop categorizing and judging women based on their bodies," Melissa McCarthy posted on Instagram on Thursday. "We are teaching young girls to strive for unattainable perfection instead of feeling healthy and happy in their own skin."

And Amy Schumer spoke out on Tuesday after being featured in a special plus-size issue of Glamour magazine.

"Bottom line seems to be we are done with these unnecessary labels which seem to be reserved for women," she posted on Twitter.
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