Jon Cozart: YouTube's Just Like High School, Only Less Horrible

07/23/2015 AT 04:00 PM EDT

We can think of many, many things better than high school prom – and Jon Cozart gets exactly how we feel.

Cozart, a.k.a. YouTube sensation Paint, is what you'd call a late bloomer. The king of Disney parodies, who boasts a faithful 3 million YouTube followers, explained to the audience at VidCon on Thursday just how far he's come since being a high school wallflower.

"I really like the VidCon prom," the singer/vlogger, 23, said of the dance party held on the last day of the convention.

"VidCon prom treats me really nice, whereas high school prom – not the same situation."

Cozart, whose hilarious "After Ever After" video has a whopping 52 million-plus views, admits he had a really "vindictive personality in high school."

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To boost his rep with the popular kids, Cozart tried to impress his classmates with funny videos. But, at the time, he says, "I just didn't have the skills to properly show it, so I would make bad videos, so I'd just be more embarrassed."

Spoiler alert: Practicing his skills on unforgiving high schoolers eventually paid off.

His advice to would-be vloggers: "If you're not making anything, and you want to make something good, just make lots of bad stuff first and then you'll be fine."
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