Julia Louis-Dreyfus Brings Back Elaine for Seinfeld Reunion with Larry David on SNL

04/17/2016 AT 04:25 PM EDT

Elaine Benes is back – and she's not feeling the Bern.

There was a (very) mini Seinfeld reunion on Saturday when Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted Saturday Night Live and teamed up with Larry David for the show's cold open.

Louis-Dreyfus reprised the beloved Seinfeld character and acted as a potential voter at Brooklyn Democratic debate, questioning Bernie Sanders – played by David – about how he intends to "break up the big banks."

"I'll go to the big banks, I'll sit them down and yada yada yada they'll be broken up," David replied, imitating Sanders' mannerisms.

"What? No. No. You can't yada yada at a debate," Louis-Dreyfus protested. "Also, you yada yada-ed over the best part!"

Hillary Clinton, portrayed by Kate McKinnon, fared better with Benes though – "everyone thinks you are by far the funniest, I mean, most qualified," she said.

As for Sanders, Benes made a simple declaration: "You're bald!"
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