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Julia Roberts Vs. Sally Field in Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live! Curse Off

Julia Roberts Vs. Sally Field in Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live! Curse Off
From left: Sally Field, Jimmy Kimmel and Julia Roberts

05/06/2014 AT 01:00 PM EDT

Sally Field has one dirty mouth for a former Flying Nun.

The actress who also brought Lincoln's Mary Todd and The Amazing Spider-Man's Aunt May to life, proves she's not to be messed with on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, airing Tuesday night.

Field, 67, faces off against Julia Roberts in Kimmel's first ever Celebrity Curse Off, and the result was a mess of bleeps. The ladies each have five seconds to one-up each other with a filthy word. America's Sweetheart gave the challenge her best shot, but Field cooly cursed to victory in what Kimmel called "a massacre."

"Why am I in a curse off with the Flying Nun?" Roberts, 46, quipped before the competition. "How does this happen?"

Though most of Field's words wouldn't pass ABC's censors (including one that made Kimmel gasp and Field calmly explain, "I got this from my son."), Roberts offered some printable insults.

"It's like I'm in kindergarten," she said, laughing after offering up the G-rated "butt hole."

Watch the Steel Magnolias costars curse each other out below, and catch Jimmy Kimmel Live! at (11:35 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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