15 Hidden Talents Justin Bieber Has Displayed Via Instagram

Justin Bieber: Hidden Talents Displayed on Instagram
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04/13/2016 AT 03:50 PM EDT

Justin Bieber is very good at singing, dancing, playing the guitar and petulance. But did you know there are other things he's very good at? (Like, literally living in fire, as in the above picture.) The world knows now, thanks to the majesty of that special window into Bieber's world, his Instagram account. Let's all take a look at the multitudes it contains.


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Look at how well he stayed in the lines of this sexy … anime … Native American lady?

Playing the Piano

He's also super-good at emoting while he plays the piano – check out the soulfully closed eyes!


Look at him jam with his backing band! That means this isn't even a real song they're playing, they're making it up as they go! Wild!

Navigating the Wilderness
15 Hidden Talents Justin Bieber Has Displayed Via Instagram| Justin Bieber

Source: Justin Bieber / Instagram

Would you be able to escape the wilderness while naked? Because that's what Justin did.


Look at this fish he caught! And he maybe did it while naked?


Remember when he played the drums in that Calvin Klein ad? That was so good!

Making Snow Angels

Look at how good this one is! Heaven is definitely missing an angel.

Pretending to Be An Airplane

We almost thought he was a real airplane!


Cristiano who?


More like Wayne Who?-sky, right?

Climbing Trees

He could have climbed much higher, but he just didn't want to.

Balancing on Rocks

He's on one foot!

Riding ATVs

He falls off sometimes, but that's okay!


Look at all the candy he's won!


He falls down sometimes, but that's okay! It's all about the getting back up and trying your hardest – also something Justin is very good at!
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