22 Facts You Didn't Know About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Trivia: 22 Things You Didn't Know
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03/01/2016 AT 03:00 PM EST

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So you think you know everything there is to know about Justin Bieber, who turns 22 today?


1. He's the first solo artist ever to have four Top 40 singles before releasing an album.


2. He is the youngest artist to have five No. 1 albums in the United States.


3. His favorite TV shows are Smallville and Friends.


4. He learned to play the drums at age 2.


5. He'd rather travel by bus than by plane.

6. Step Brothers is his favorite movie.

Scariest photo I've ever taken and I shaved

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7. He also loves The Notebook.

8. If he weren't a singer, he'd want to be an architect.

9. He doesn't like when girls where Uggs. "I think they're ugly," he told Seventeen.

10. When he was 12, he finished second in a local singing competition called Stratford Idol.

11. His favorite sandwich is Wonder Bread and mayo.

12. He got his first tattoo – a bird on his hip – just after his 16th birthday.

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13. He taught himself how to play guitar and piano as a young child.

14. Bieber has a very close relationship with God. "I suck by myself? Like, when I'm by myself and I feel like I have nothing to lean on? Terrible. Terrible person."

15. He sings Alanis Morissette in the shower.


16. He claims he can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than a minute.

17. He thinks Ben Affleck is "super cool."

18. He says that jean shorts and a tank top is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

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19. He can do three double jumps in a row with a jump rope.


20. He wants to be Batman. "I wish I had the Batman thing where people didn't know I was Bruce Wayne. Like I had a costume or something."

21. He doesn't like the word swag anymore. "It's kind of played out."


22. With over 1.3 billion views, his video for "Baby" is his most-viewed of all time.
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