Utah Social Worker Kayelyn Louder Vanishes

Utah Social Worker Kayelyn Louder Vanishes
Kayelyn Louder
Kayelyn Louder/Facebook

10/10/2014 AT 08:00 PM EDT

Kayelyn Louder had planned to spend Sept. 27 cleaning her condo and updating her resume. The 30-year-old Utah social worker had just lost her job at a boys' school and needed a fresh start. In the afternoon, she walked her beloved Chinese pug, Phyllis.

But the day ended in mystery when Louder inexplicably ran out of her Murray, Utah, condo and vanished without a trace – leaving her keys, wallet and cell phone behind, despite the fact that it was raining, she was barefoot.

Louder's disappearance has stunned and confused those closest to her. "The entire family is very worried," says Allen Robins, a private investigator working on the case. "The last anyone saw of her was in a surveillance video as she was leaving her condo."

Cause for Concern

In the surveillance video released by police, Louder is seen walking her dog earlier in the day. Police say that she was having an animated conversation while no one was around, but Louder's family disputes that claim. "I actually see her bending over talking to her dog, Phyllis, saying, 'Come here go outside so we can use the bathroom,'" Kayelyn’s brother, Parley Louder, told KUTV.

On the final surveillance video, she is running from her condo, looking behind her. She steps out of the range of the surveillance camera. That was the last time she was seen.

Strange 911 Calls

In the hours before her disappearance, Louder made several odd emergency calls. The night before her disappearance, she called 911 to report a fight going on at the clubhouse near her condo. "I did hear a fight that was very brutal," she said, adding that the fight involved guns. When police arrived at the clubhouse, they found a peaceful wedding reception.

An hour later, she called 911 and hung up. When dispatchers called her back, she said that her roommate thought she was confused. "My friend told me that I'm delusional and paranoid," she said.

The next morning, Louder called 911 again and said that there was an intruder in her house. When her roommate pointed out that the deadbolt was locked and no one else was there, Louder replied, "Well, I can't explain that, but I heard two people talking."

Worried Friends and Family

Regardless of what was going on in Louder's life, those close to her are concerned about her well-being. "She was barefoot, with no money, no phone, nothing," says investigator Allen Robins. "It's very strange."

"She's still gone, no matter what people's opinions are," added her brother, Parley. "That's all we're here to do, is to find her."

Kayelyn Louder is 5'8" and weights 130 lbs. She has brown eyes and brown hair. She was last seen wearing a white tank top and jean shorts. The family has set up a Facebook page with the latest news. Anyone with information on the missing woman should call the Murray Police Department at (801) 840-4000 or Private Investigator Allen Robins at (801) 864-8897.

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