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Why Kelsea Ballerini Is Happy to Be a 'Square Peg:' 'Being Normal Can Be a Little Boring!'

02/25/2016 AT 12:05 PM EST

Kelsea Ballerini considers herself a square peg – and that's just how she likes it.

So much so that she wanted to write a song celebrating all that's awesome about being different.

"When I wrote 'Square Pegs,' I really wanted a song that kind of captured an insecurity that I've had and that I think a lot of people have ... it's feeling like you don't necessarily fit," says Ballerini in her Radio Disney's Next Big Thing performance of the song. "A square peg, it's someone who doesn't necessarily fit in the mold of whatever normal might be. I think we all have those moments of feeling like we don't fit. "

In fact, Ballerini, 22, says she's learned to see her insecurity as something that makes her more interesting.

"I've spent a lot of my life wondering where and how I fit and I'm starting to find there's a lot of beauty in not fitting. I really wanted a song to capture that."

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"There's this phrase in the song and it's 'you can go write your own story' – to me that just means creating your own path and finding what makes you happy and letting that be your normal – even if it's the normal normal."

And forget the cliché about blondes having more fun, according to Ballerini the real fun is had by the square pegs of the world.

"Being normal can be a little boring sometimes," she says. "I think that being different is exciting!"
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