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Kendall Jenner Dishes on Her Junk Food Fave and That Time She, Kylie and Khloé Managed to Go Incognito in L.A. – Fake Noses and All!

04/14/2016 AT 01:10 PM EDT

She may be a supermodel, but Kendall Jenner definitely allows herself to indulge here and there.

So what's her absolute favorite junk food? Burger King? Pizza?

Wrong and wrong again (though she does seem to really like pizza).

In a "One Last Thing" video with PEOPLE Now, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 20, revealed her go-to junk food is actually a Twix bar – and the last time she ate it was just yesterday!

A few other highlights?

The last song that was stuck in her head was Rihanna's "Work" (because who doesn't have that song stuck in their head?) and the last time she couldn't stop laughing was when she, Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian used full-on disguises – prosthetics and all – while trying to go incognito in Hollywood.

"We've always wanted to do that, dress up as someone and walk and not be noticed," Jenner explained. "It didn't work – but it was so fun. Like, we were just laughing the whole time."

As for her contact list? Jenner got coy talking about the last person she texted ("it's a secret," she said with a smile), but the last person she called was dad Caitlyn Jenner.

And last but not least, Jenner admitted that the last time she got recognized was actually when she was taking a selfie with her very own billboard in New York City.

"I was driving down Houston in SoHo and me and my agent were passing my billboard so we got out to take a photo," she said. "I think there was like one or two people that were like: 'Wait, what?!' "
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