Floppy What? Kids React to Old Apple Computers (VIDEO)

05/26/2014 AT 06:55 PM EDT

YouTube series Kids React is back to make you feel old and maybe slightly outdated.

After being bamboozled by a Sony Walkman, these curious kids are straight up flabbergasted over what computers used to be.

"What ... is ... that?" Evan, 7, tentatively asks while staring down the 1970s tech.

In the video, it takes the smartphone-savvy youngsters a full minute – with hints – to figure out how to turn on this plastic behemoth. Once the Apple creation gets running, the questions start rolling in.

Where are the games? The mouse? How do you get Google on this thing?

When given a floppy disk as an answer to their queries, the kids can't hold back anymore and begin to laugh in the face of this once-marvelous machine.

Obviously, someone hasn't seen War Games.

Floppy What? Kids React to Old Apple Computers (VIDEO)| Around the Web

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