12 Quotes that Prove Kim Kardashian Is Freaking Hilarious

03/08/2016 AT 05:15 PM EST

Kim Kardashian can be defined in many ways.

She's a mogul and entrepreneur. As she'd like us all to know, she's has a lot of money. She's a reality star, a fashion icon, a big sister, a little sister, a mom and a wife.

But did you know Kim is also really, really funny?

That's right – Kourtney and Khloé aren't the only Kardashians with a sense of humor.

Here's proof:

1. When she was a master of caption creation.

2. When she knew what would make a great picture (and hashtag).

3. When she told it like it is.


4. When she embraced sports.


5. When she made fun of her own ugly crying face, via KIMOJI


6. When she hit back at the haters who thought she waxed North's eyebrows.

7. When she discussed her "talent" for smelling cavities.

8. When she had an unexpected association with Nicole Richie.

9. When she just wanted things to stay the same.

10. When she was punny.

11. When she creeped behind a plant.


12. When she joked with her fans.

Keep being your comedic (komedic) self, Kim.
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