Kylie Jenner Revisits Some of Her Best Moments with Boyfriend Tyga: 'Tattoo My Name So I Know It's Real'

04/09/2016 AT 04:15 PM EDT

A lot can happen in a year!

Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat on Friday to revisit a few of the best moments of her relationship with Tyga since they confirmed they were dating in March 2015.

In a series of Snapchat videos, Jenner looked through a collection of photos from the last year, stopping to comment on some of the pair's high points.

While showing a close-up photo of Tyga's tattoo of her name, Jenner said, "Tattoo my name so I know it's real."

The 18-year-old also panned over a pic of her cuddling with her 26-year-old boyfriend.

"Why does T look so sexy and I look like s---?" she mused.

Finally, Jenner showed two pictures of her and Tyga at her 18th birthday party, saying, "When bae gives you a car." (Not just any car – a $320,000 Ferrari!)

Tyga recently addressed the criticism he and Jenner have faced for their relationship and eight year age gap.

"It's kind of really hard to really talk about that because people are gonna bash – I didn't understand it though," he said in an interview with KMEL. "I don't really know how to speak on that because it's just something that I have to deal with. ... I just keep my faith strong."

He added: "Me being older than her, I've been through a lot more things so I can help her more with it, even though she's been more in the tabloid media limelight than I have been."
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