WATCH: 2-Year-Old Furious at Mom for Laughing at Her Frozen Performance


Girl upset with mom over Frozen rendition

09/24/2014 AT 12:15 PM EDT

The unnamed girl in this clip has some serious diva potential.

After her mom starts giggling during her rendition of a song from Frozen, the little girl goes full Diana Ross on her mom: "Don't laugh at me!" (Comments on the video pinpoint the source of her accent as Belfast, Ireland.)

Part of it's out of concern (maybe): The girl does warn her mom that she'll choke if she keeps laughing. But mom's on a roll, and things only escalate from there.

"I am warning you," the little girl shouts, pointing. "You're being a very bold girl. So I am going to bust you in a minute. So that's it!"

By the end, she's sort of parroting her dad's warnings to her: "Do you want to get sent to your room and sleep by yourself? And nobody will see you ever again? And then you go on the naughty step and the man take you away?" (We have no idea what that means.)

The moral of the story: Always take Frozen very seriously. Unless you want to go on the naughty step.

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