Making a Murderer Defense Attorney Jerome Buting to Publish Book About Steven Avery Case

03/08/2016 AT 12:00 PM EST

It's time to experience Making a Murderer in a whole new way.

Harper publishing company announced Monday that it will release a book by Jerome Buting, one of the defense attorneys for Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery, in 2017.

"I am excited to write my personal account of defending Steven Avery in a climate of extreme prejudice, investigative tunnel vision and evidence of misconduct," Buting said in a press release issued by Harper.

"Beyond the Netflix documentary, there is much more to say about the Avery investigation and trial, its flaws and how they can be seen in other fascinating – if less celebrated – cases that I've worked on," he continued. "Taken together, they show us what is wrong with our criminal justice system. Just as importantly, they provide a roadmap to urgently needed reforms. We all count on the presumption of innocence, and all of us need to protect this bedrock of our society."

Making a Murderer Defense Attorney Jerome Buting to Publish Book About Steven Avery Case| Crime & Courts, True Crime, Making a Murderer

Jerome Buting

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Buting, who has served as a high-profile criminal defense attorney for 35 years, defended Avery in the murder trial portrayed in the hit Netflix true crime docu-series. Despite Buting's and fellow lawyer Dean Strang's best efforts, however, Avery was found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide and sentenced to life in prison in March 2007.

"Not since The Thin Blue Line has there been a true crime documentary as engrossing – and provocative – as Making a Murderer," Harper Senior Vice President and Executive Editor David Hirshey said in the press release. "The case cuts across demographic lines and has galvanized as much debate about the integrity of our criminal justice system as it has about whether Avery is guilty or innocent."
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