Man Headbutts Bus, Unsuccessfully (VIDEO)

07/23/2015 AT 11:00 AM EDT

We'd like to welcome you to a new feature on PEOPLE called "Man Headbutts a Bus."

The Winter Haven, Florida, police department released a video Tuesday that shows a man purportedly upset at the additional $2 fare needed to travel to the next destination. He exited the bus and took a seat on a nearby bench before walking away.

"Approximately four minutes later," according to the police department, the man charges at the bus's door, headbutting it in a stirring display of shortsighted animosity. He knocks himself unconscious (and shatters the bus's glass door) before getting back up and running off. Anyone with information about him is encouraged to contact the Winter Haven Police Department, before more buses have to suffer.

This has been "Man Headbutts a Bus." Thank you.
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