Commuters Outraged at Ads Calling Freckles 'Imperfections'

Underground Riders Outraged at Ads Calling Freckles 'Imperfections' Ad
Source: Erin La Rosa/Twitter

04/13/2016 AT 01:10 PM EDT

Subway riders in London are outraged at ads calling freckles and different-colored eyes "imperfections."

"If you don't like your imperfections, someone else will," the ads read.

Angry Underground riders started posting photos of the ads on Twitter, calling out the dating website for "bullying."

"Lowest form of advertising @match_UK claiming freckles & eye colour make a person imperfect? profiting by bullying," writes one user.

"Disgraceful! Freckles are a sign of beauty! How to alienate half the UK!" tweets another.

"Hey @Match – got a typo in this ad! You misspelled "perfections" as "imperfection." #frecklesarehot #redheadsunite" jokes another.

One person even "fixed" the ad, posting sticky notes over the photo that say "sorry but...isn't judging people...based on skin pigmentation...universally a d------ move?"

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Match UK responded Monday, apologizing to anyone they offended.

"Freckles are beautiful. We celebrate them, as we celebrate whatever makes people unique," the company tweeted. "We're sorry if we've offended anyone with our ad."

"Happy that you don't see freckles as an imperfection, we don't believe they are! We love freckles as they make us unique."

And a day later, Match announced that they're pulling down the ads.

"Thank you for speaking up, our intention wasn't to offend," they tweeted. "We have listened, and decided to remove the ads as soon as possible."
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