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WATCH: Brian Sets Up a Big Surprise for Haleigh on My Giant Life

07/21/2015 AT 08:15 AM EDT

My Giant Life star Haleigh may stand nearly a foot taller than her boyfriend, but their love is beyond measure.

The 23-year-old professional volleyball player admits in an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's episode that dating 5'8" Brian is a rare exception for her.

"When I was in college, I was really hung up on the fact that I'm a big person and I want to feel small and protected. So I only dated taller guys," she says. "But height doesn't matter. Brian makes me feel like the most beautiful, perfect, special person in the world and so protected and so small. I melt when I'm around him. I don't feel 6'7". I feel 5'7"."

Brian isn't only significantly shorter than the blonde beauty, he's also nine years older – not exactly a selling point for Haleigh's protective father.

"[My dad] expected me to marry someone who is taller and bigger than me, and make, like superbabies," Haleigh said in last week's episode. "And so when I brought Brian around, my dad joked that I was ruining the gene pool."

Still, Haleigh's father gave Brian his blessing to ask for Haleigh's hand in marriage under one condition: Brian assured his future father-in-law that he and Haleigh wouldn't get married before 2017. But even before Brian pops the question, it seems pretty clear he's eager to break his pre-vows promise.

"I want to honor that word, but I don't want to wait," Brian says. "I want to get married this year. As soon as possible."

While celebrating their two-year anniversary, the 32-year-old surprises Haleigh with a romantic walk on the beach, a sunset painting session and a very important question to end the evening.

"You never know where you're going to find love," Brian explains. "I just happened to find love in a woman that's 6'7"."

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My Giant Life premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.
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