Inspiring Woman Turning 101 Wishes for 101 Birthday Cards: 'Every Day Is a New Day'

Woman Turning 101 Wishes for 101 Birthday Cards
Julia Muller

02/23/2016 AT 03:00 PM EST

Julia Muller's 101st birthday wish is to receive 101 birthday cards.

The Montgomery, New York, centenarian has no close family, so a friend came up with the idea of asking strangers to help her celebrate her 100th birthday last year by sending cards.

"I sent out some Facebook messages and a bunch of emails, put it in our little paper to make sure that she had it celebrated and it worked," Muller's friend Kelli Palinkas told WPVI.

The well wishes from strangers proved the highlight of Muller's 100th birthday, so she's decided to do it again for her 101st celebration on Wednesday.

Muller has been a treasured resident of Montgomery Nursing Home for five years.

"She has a lot of life, she's wonderful. She likes to be kept busy, so we keep her busy with our four jobs," nursing home employee Noreen Colletti told the news station.

Muller serves as the president of council meetings, proofreads newsletters, makes morning announcement and leads a nightly exercise routine.

How has Muller remained so sprightly? "I was very active growing up and I'm a good eater," she said.

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Muller added that the secret to living a long and happy life is all about attitude. "What happened yesterday, happened yesterday, so every day is a new day," she said.

Want to send Muller a birthday greeting? Here's the address:

Julia Muller

Montgomery Nursing Home

2817 Albany Post Road

Montgomery, NY 12549
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