What Exactly Is a 'Non-Surgical' Nose Job? Porsha Williams' Cosmetic Dermatologist Explains

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs: Porsha Williams' Doctor Explains the Procedure
Porsha Williams
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03/08/2016 AT 04:10 PM EST

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams recently altered the shape of her nose without going under the knife thanks to a "non-surgical" nose job.

Now, the doctor behind her transformation is explaining exactly what the procedure entails.

"A non-surgical nose job involves a series of dermal filler injections to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose," Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills tells PEOPLE. "The goal is not to craft the perfect nose, but to a shape a nose that perfectly suits the patient's face."

The cosmetic dermatologist explains that the non-surgical nose job is meant to correct the balance between the nose, chin and neck proportions.

"In the video, I use a micro-droplet injection technique to augment the bridge of the nose," Ourian explains. "Between injections I apply the Vibrata, a device that significantly reduces any pain associated with the dermal filler injections. To assist with my assessment and to confirm the corrections I make, I employ a golden ratio caliper."

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Patients who want the effects of a nose job without the potential risks and recovery time of a regular surgical rhinoplasty may opt for this non-surgical alternative.

"A surgical rhinoplasty requires the patient to undergo general anesthesia, with all its attendant risks and potential side effects," explains Ourian. "The non-surgical nose job is done using a local anesthetic. While complete recovery time from a surgical nose job is often measured in months, for non-surgical nose jobs, recovery time can be measured in days."
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