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Watch a Clip from the Season Finale of Odd Mom Out: Jill Grapples with Lex's Affair

08/03/2015 AT 10:00 AM EDT

The season finale of Odd Mom Out promises to round out season 1 with the same delightfully quirky comedy that has made the show a hit.

In this exclusive sneak peak of the episode, Jill (Jill Kargman) grapples with her knowledge of Lex's (Sean Kleier) affair at Brooke's (Abby Elliot) benefit gala. The humanitarian bash is for a humorous cause – as the announcer says on the loudspeaker, "Those hefty kids need hefty donations."

"Okay, I already had rhea explosiva because of Vanessa, but now this whole Lex thing is making me basically pee out of my a--hole 'round the clock," Jill complains.

Meanwhile, Jill's mother-in-law Candace (Joanna Cassidy) causes controversy as she teases Jill with hints about her "gentleman caller," a phrase to which Candace soundly objects. "Jill," she snaps. "I'm not in a Tennessee Williams play, and my lover isn't exactly a gentleman."

Kargman (Drew Barrymore's sister-in-law) is not taking the success of Odd Mom Out – the Bravo favorite which she not only stars in but also created – for granted.

"I feel like it's been this warm tidal wave of good reviews," Kargman told PEOPLE at NBC Press Day in June. "I just feel really lucky. We've been so embraced by the gay community and the mom community. There's a lot of crossover."

Kargman said that she cooks up ideas for a potential second season "all the time." She added, "I have so many stories in my head. It could really write itself if we get so lucky."

The season finale of Odd Mom Out airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.
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