YouTuber Olga Kay on Dating a New Guy Every Month (Plus Bonus Juggling Tricks!)

07/23/2015 AT 07:00 PM EDT

Scared of dating? Just force yourself to try out a new guy every month!

That was YouTuber sensation – and former circus juggler – Olga Kay's solution to mastering the tumultuous world of modern romance.

When her YouTube channel started blowing up, Kay tells her fans at VidCon on Thursday, "I woke up one morning and I said to myself 'Oh my gosh I've been single for two years.'"

Admittedly "terrified" of the dating scene, the vlogger says she "created this experiment where I date a new person every month."

This way, Kay explains she can say she dated around before she "settles down."

Staying true to her goal, Kay says that even when she finds herself falling for a particular guy, she's resolved to cut ties and continue moving on.

While, "there's a lot of heartbreak," she says the experience "makes you grow. You become a better person and you become a better for the next person that you date."

Kay ends her relationship advice with an impressive display of her juggling – and flexibility – prowess, which she picked up as a professional circus performer in her youth.
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