Orange County Fair Opens Early for 6-Year-Old Leukemia Patient

Orange County Fairs Opens Early for 6-Year-Old Leukemia Patient
Joshua Sudock/OC Register

08/11/2015 AT 04:20 PM EDT

Chloe Rott had been having a rough week. The 6-year-old leukemia patient underwent a spinal tap last Tuesday, and her chemotherapy treatments for the week included injections directly into her chest and new pills that left her bedridden for two days.

Friday was different, though. Friday was the Orange Country Fair. Andy and Jillian Rott, Chloe's parents, had made the OC Fair a yearly routine, taking pictures in the fair's photo booth every August for 11 years. They were worried that because of Chloe's treatments, this would be the first year they would have to skip it, but Fair CEO Kathy Kramer had a better idea.

Kramer and a few hundred volunteers opened the Fair two hours early on Friday so Chloe, her parents, and other friends and family members could continue their tradition of getting a photo.

"This is the highlight of the Fair for me," Kramer told the Orange County Register. "Their family grew with us. Their story was heartbreaking. We had to do something."

The Rotts went straight to the photo booth before taking in rides and food stands, all staffed by volunteers from every department who made sure Chloe got everything she wanted, including a goldfish that she named "Goldie."

Chloe had just one request when she learned the fair would be opened for her: Dippin' Dots. So the owner of the Fair's franchise, Karen Gary, personally opened her shop early to serve her.

As Ben Pickett, vice president of RCS – the Fair's ride operators – told the Register, "Some things are not financial decisions. Some things are just the right decisions."

Monday, the Rotts got some much-needed good news, when they learned that Chloe is now categorized as a "low risk" leukemia patient. Though she'll have to continue chemotherapy for two more years, she'll no longer be confined to the home.

"There's hope and there's a future now," Steve Poe, Chloe's grandfather, told the Register.
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