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Orange Is the New Black Actor Strips Down for Faux Magic Mike 2 Audition

06/13/2014 AT 06:30 AM EDT

Matt McGorry currently stars as Officer Bennett on Orange Is the New Black, but, as savvy fans of the series know, he is also a former bodybuilder and personal trainer.

So it makes sense that, like many people with enviable physiques, McGorry spends a lot of time trying to take his shirt off. You'd think an audition for Magic Mike 2 would be the perfect place for that, but as this amusing video from CollegeHumor proves, some roles, like that of a Starbucks barista, don't exactly call for nudity.

Still, that doesn't stop McGorry from trying. Good on you, sir.

In other OITNB audition news, Funny or Die unearthed Uzo "Crazy Eyes" Aduba's leaked audition tape for season one, in which the actress tries out for nearly every character in the show's sprawling ensemble cast. Yes, there are wigs included.

Orange Is the New Black Actor Strips Down for Faux Magic Mike 2 Audition| Magic Mike, Orange Is the New Black, Movie News, TV Seasons & Episodes

Laverne Cox in Orange Is the New Black

Jill Greenberg / Netflix

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