E.T. as a Horror Movie? See the Creepy Original Designs (PHOTOS)

Original E.T. Designs: Rick Baker Reveals Concept Creatures on Twitter
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
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Quick, hide your Reese's Pieces!

Today we know E.T. as Steven Spielberg's lovable alien with a penchant for ladies' clothes, but his story could've been far different. According to Uproxx, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial started as a horror movie.

The original plan was to make a spooky sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind about a group of freaky UFO passengers harassing an innocent family. With the working title Night Skies, the film was set to be directed by Texas Chainsaw Massacre mastermind Tobe Hooper ... and his E.T. predecessors were going to look a little something like this:

No, he sure doesn't look like the bike-ride-in-a-basket type! When Night Skies was still in the works, special-effects wizard Rick Baker was tapped to create prototype aliens for the project. Decades later, Baker has decided to reveal some of these original mock-ups for the first time on his Twitter account.

Fortunately or unfortunately – depending on taste – Night Skies morphed from menacing creature feature to the 1982 family-friendly classic we know today. These aliens never made it to Earth, but now film fanatics have a peek into what could've been.

E.T. as a Horror Movie? See the Creepy Original Designs (PHOTOS)| E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Rick Baker, Steven Spielberg, Tobe Hooper

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