People Recovering from Eating Disorders Respond to the Word 'Fat,' and It's Both Heartbreaking and Inspiring (VIDEO)

One Word: Fat (Eating Disorders)

We invited people who have struggled with an eating disorder to respond to the word "fat." #NEDAwarenessHow do you think the word fat can be hurtful?

Posted by WatchCut on Monday, February 22, 2016

02/23/2016 AT 03:50 PM EST

"Fat" may be just a word to some, but to others it conjures up much deeper feelings.

In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, WatchCut created a video in which they invited people who have struggled with eating disorders to do a word association with the word "fat."

" 'Bad' or 'the enemy,' " responded one woman. "If I were to be fat, then I would feel less about myself."

"I feel like my entire life I've been running away from being fat," said another woman.

"I associated skinniness with being happy, and I associated being bigger with being unhappy, which is also b------- because you're super unhappy when you have an eating disorder," said another.

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And it's not only women who feel this way.

"Fat on me feels like a failure," said a man.

While most people asked had negative associations with the word, others have learned not to let it affect them as much as it used to.

"There are lots of good fats, and I don't think fat on your body is a bad thing," said one woman.

"It can be a hateful word, it can destroy some people, but in some ways fat can be good," said another woman, "and depending on how you image yourself, your fat can actually be great."
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