You Can Now Buy a Personal Flame-Thrower – and It Will Only Cost You $1,600 (VIDEO)

08/01/2015 AT 03:00 PM EDT

When John Lennon sang that "happiness is a warm gun," he was critiquing American society's fixation with firearms, or something. But taking that statement at face value, could not a gun that itself literally shoots warmth provide an exponential amount of happiness?

Well, now you can find out. The XMatter X15 is a personal flame-thrower that retails for $1,600.

When asked by Popular Mechanics why anyone would create such a thing, XMatter co-founder Quinn Whitehead provided a perfect answer, "Why not? This is America, land of the free."

He explained that, prior to the X15, consumers were only able to purchase military-grade flame-throwers retailing at a prohibitive $10,000. Now, for a fraction of the price, private citizens in 48 states (more on that later) can experience the joy of sending great bursts of fire onto or in the general direction of whatever they want.

The device, which has a 50-ft. range and 3.3-gallon capacity, isn't considered a firearm, so they're not federally regulated.

"In California, you're required to have a flame-throwing permit, and then in Maryland it's just against the fire code," Whitehead explained. The other 48 states are a fiery free-for-all.

"A lot of people just use it for a whole lot of fun," he added.
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