Woman Surprises Husband by Asking Pilot to Announce Pregnancy Mid-Flight

03/01/2016 AT 02:45 PM EST

Here's a MUST WATCH! A few weeks ago, my husband Eric Sadiwnyk got quite the surprise on our returning flight from Las...

Posted by Lisa Sadiwnyk onĀ Friday, February 26, 2016

Eric Sadiwnyk didn't win big in Las Vegas, but he more than made up for his losses 3,500 feet in the air!

Eric and his wife Lisa were on American Airlines Flight 607 heading back to Philadelphia, when the pilot delivered an important, but unexpected message to the passengers on board.

"We'd like to draw your attention to seat 29E, where you'll find Eric, who's traveling with his wife Lisa," he said over the plane's intercom. "Well, Eric, although you didn't strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did hit the jackpot. Congratulations, you're about to be a dad."

Completely surprised, Eric kissed his wife and wiped away a tear.

Lisa shouted "thank you" after everyone broke out into applause.

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Lisa posted the memorable video on Facebook, sharing that her husband "got quite the surprise on our returning flight from Las Vegas."

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