Pittsburgh 'Wins' Gawker's 'Ugliest Accent' Contest

Pittsburgh 'Wins' Gawker's 'Ugliest Accent' Contest
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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10/20/2014 AT 12:50 PM EDT

Pittsburghers talk funny.

The city has "won" Gawker.com's ugliest accent tournament, besting the other Pennsylvania finalist – Scranton – in a readers' poll with more than 54 percent of the vote.

The gossipy news site set up a tournament bracket pitting what it deemed the 16 ugliest city accents in the United States against one another.

Pittsburgh advanced to the finals by winning readers' votes over Atlanta, Philadelphia and Boston.

The Pittsburgh accent, an odd amalgam of Southern twang and lazy East Coast diction – which turns "downtown" into "dahntahn" and "you all" into "yinz" – "worsted" Scranton by a vote of 10,404 to 8,748.

Pittsburgh 'Wins' Gawker's 'Ugliest Accent' Contest| Around the Web, Real People Stories

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