Kentucky Frat President Explains Idea Behind Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' Video

09/15/2014 AT 08:40 AM EDT

It's barely been over a week since the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity at Transylvania University swept the Internet with their epic rendition of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."

"There's been a lot of excitement more than anything," the president of the fraternity, Daniel Lyvers, tells PEOPLE about how life at the frat house has changed since the video went viral. "Within the chapter, we just kind of continue to do things the same, I think. Everybody else around us is just really excited."

Lyvers, 21, also says with a laugh, "I mean, it's kind of weird – we go to restaurants and stuff, and people want to take pictures. Taylor Swift actually retweeted me twice, and I went from 400 followers on Twitter to like 1,300 followers on Twitter. So, that's pretty wild."

The idea behind the popular YouTube video: a remembrance of a "Call Me Maybe" video shot freshman year and the line "Hey, let's hang out and have fun."

"My freshman year, actually, we did a video during the whole 'Call Me Maybe' fest, and it was just a lot of fun, really nothing happened with it. It was just a silly time," says the college senior.

"So, we're hanging out in the hall one day and – Barton Lynch and Jared Brewington are kind of the masterminds behind it – and they're like, 'Well, let's do something like that again,' " says Lyvers.

"Sorority recruitment was going on at the time, so girls weren't allowed on the hall and fraternity recruitment hadn't started yet, so guys weren't allowed on the hall – and we're like, 'Hey, let's hang out and have fun.' So, they chose the song and they did the choreography and then we played around for two hours or so."

That included time to rehearse. The video was shot in three takes.

More than two million views later, the guys have also received a Tweet of approval from Swift and a concert invitation.

"We were all in the hall together and somebody ran in the room and was like, Taylor Swift just Tweeted at us. We checked it, and [there were] a bunch of people just screaming and yelling and running up and down everywhere," Lyvers recalls.

"It was super exciting, because we didn't expect it. All we were really hoping for, after it started to get popular, was a retweet. And I got two and another guy in the chapter got two. And then she invited us to her concert, and I just responded with, 'We accept.' "

As for everybody actually attending the concert? "That's the plan," says Lyvers. "I'm supposed to talk to somebody, I think, from her management team next week to figure out how all of that is going to work."

However the plan unfolds, Lyvers says his fraternity hopes to do something charitable, like possibly making their plus-ones extra special.

"We talked [about] maybe working with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Lexington and seeing [if] maybe they can be our dates to the concert, or if there was anything that Taylor Swift's team had in mind of something that we could do."

But the best part about all of the sudden attention? "How awesome it's been for our school. I mean, [Transylvania's] a liberal arts college of 1,100 people, [and] most of the time when fraternities are in the news it's not positive stuff. … We strive to be a little bit different, do things that are meaningful and fun and not standard, so it's exciting to be a fraternity in the news and saying like you know it's okay to be different. You don't have to live up to some sort of ideal."

The video also contains a link to Light the Night Walk for Team Torsie. "Torsie graduated this past May, and she was diagnosed with leukemia and lymphoma," says Lyvers. "We figured that once we got up to 100,000 views or so, we should probably do something worthwhile."

Now that money is being raised to show how the campus cares for Torsie, Lyvers says, "[The video] was for us to have fun, and now that people are paying attention to it, we feel like we should do a little bit more with it."

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