Brandi Glanville Returns on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Finale, Calls Lisa Rinna 'Nutty' and Lisa Vanderpump a 'Genius' Manipulator

05/04/2016 AT 09:40 AM EDT

On Tuesday night's third and final installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, after nothing else much happened for the whole hour, all of the women were made to name the best quality, in a word, of the woman to their right.

Lisa Rinna called Lisa Vanderpump, with whom she had feuded for months, "cunning" while Erika Girardi labeled Kathryn Edwards, with whom she had feuded briefly that night, "sweetness."

They must have all been feeling pretty positively toward one another – because they'd all just withstood a surprise appearance from Brandi Glanville, who had some choice words of her own.

Glanville appeared via recorded video message, giant wine glass in hand, to give her thoughts and opinions on each woman's behavior this season, "as a viewer."

She called Rinna "nuttier than squirrel s---" and said Vanderpump was a "genius" puppeteer." She apologized for Eileen Davidson basically as a compliment to Davidson for confronting Vanderpump this season, and she told Kyle Richards that she liked her better when she wasn't around Vanderpump at all.

Vanderpump was not feeling the whole thing at all: "Why are we giving her a platform? She's not on the show, just to sit there and we can't answer back?" she asked host Andy Cohen, who basically shushed her.

"We could all be brave and sit there with a glass of wine and film us and throw the crap out there," she said.

And to Glanville's accusation that Vanderpump manipulated her, Vanderpump responded, "Oh please, who can pull her strings?"

And again she asked of letting Glanville make a video message, "Really, Andy?"

(Asked if she accepted Glanville's apology, Davidson said, "Suuuure.")

But Glanville had one defender: Yolanda Foster. She said that if Kim Richards – another controversial former cast mate – was allowed to return to this year's reunion to say her piece, so should Glanville.

It was the one significant interruption in a final hour that revisited and rehashed the major conflicts this season in a way that left all of the women simply acknowledging each other's differences. Even Vanderpump said, "I'm just sorry if people think I'm manipulative" and that she regretted maybe not being supportive enough of Foster.

Girardi, a patron saint of the other kind of coping strategy, which forces people to acknowledge the conflicts their differences can cause, said Tuesday night that she didn't quite know what she was getting into with RHOBH.

But she had some idea. "I knew it was insanity," she said. "I'm insane, so why not?"

'Til next season!
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