Rob Lowe Knows He Looks the Same as He Did in St. Elmo's Fire: 'Professionals Have Been Doing the Right Thing by Me for a Long Time'

Rob Lowe Knows He Looks the Same as He Did in St. Elmo's Fire
Rob Lowe
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03/11/2016 AT 03:20 PM EST

Rob Lowe has been a Hollywood staple since the 80s when he became a member of Hollywood's iconic "Brat Pack." While the actor's career has matured, his face hasn't – and he's well aware.

"Guys who are my age are looking to me and saying, 'Dude, what the heck? You look like you're still in St. Elmo's Fire,' " he told reporters at the 18 Amber Wood by Profile launch in Beverly Hills.

Lowe, 51, doesn't mind people mocking his youthful appearance.

"Listen, if that's the worst of poking fun I get, I am so far ahead of the game," he joked. "What I like to believe they're really saying is that I've been relevant for a long time, and that's a huge compliment."

However, when it comes to his looks, Lowe knows that there's more to anti-aging than just good genes.

"I do believe one of the reasons for my sort of youthfulness is that professionals have been doing the right thing by me for a long, long time," he admits.

Lowe shared that he's excited about "being in conversation with other guys about what works" through his skin care line, Profile. He realized how much he enjoyed mentoring as a father of two sons – John, 20, and Matthew, 22 – and is glad working on his line enables him to continue doing that.

"I think I fell in love with it in doing it with my own sons," he said. "But they're older. They're in college so I have sort of a hole now. I don't get to do it."

Lowe recalled mentoring his sons about their grooming habits – which sometimes was a bit challenging.

"I can remember the day where it started with, 'Um maybe deodorant now? Maybe it's time? Okay, so I see you've discovered Axe everything, maybe a little less of that?' " he said.

"Now they're young men, and we have the conversation of what is the appropriate grooming and way to present yourself as a young man," he shared. "And these are all the conversations that Profile is about."

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Now Lowe has launched his first fragrance with Profile, 18 Amber Wood.

"18 Amber Wood is designed for the red carpet moments in every man's life," he said.

"When you put it on, you know you're stepping out into something – the big job interview, the big date," he continued. "It's an event fragrance. I wear it every day. It's bold. It's sexy – but it's understated. I spent three years on it. I'm really, really proud of it."
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