How We Know Rob Lowe And Gabrielle Union Will be Perfect as the New Simba and Nala in The Lion King Spin-Off

Lion King Spin-Off: Rob Lowe and Gabrielle Union Are Perfect as Simba and Nala
Rob Lowe and Gabrielle Union

08/13/2015 AT 07:50 PM EDT

We lost our cool yesterday when Disney announced the cast for The Lion King's TV movie spin-off.

The best part about the return to Pride Rock? Rob Lowe and Gabrielle Union are coming along!

The actors are slated to voice Simba and Nala in The Lion Guard: The Return of the Roar, and while the movie will follow the lion couple's son, Kion, we know these talented actors will be scene stealers. Here's why they're the perfect pair to take on the iconic roles.

1. They Both Have Serious Comedic Chops

The Lion King definitely has its dramatic moments (we still skip through the stampede scene to avoid waterworks), but like the best of Disney's animated features, it combines heartwarming storytelling with sidesplitting gags. Lowe, 51, and Union, 42, will deliver when it comes to bringing the laughs. She's starred in laugh-out-loud comedies including Top Five, Bring It On, and Think Like A Man. Lowe was a part of Wayne's World and the Austin Powers sequels, and is starring in the new Fox legal comedy The Grinder (debuting Sept. 29).

2. Gabrielle Union is Already a Fierce Leader on Being Mary Jane

Nala is a tough, outspoken lioness who isn't afraid to get rough and tumble. When her clan of big cats is threatened, she steps up to the plate and goes in search of food and leadership. Channeling the character will be a breeze for Union, who already plays a hard-as-nails lead anchor on BET's Being Mary Jane. Like Nala, Mary Jane contends with some serious family drama, so she's more than capable of managing a pride of feisty felines.

Rob Lowe's Changing Looks

3. Rob Lowe Was Incredibly Lovable on Parks and Recreation

Lowe has big shoes to fill in the role of Simba: he's replacing Matthew Broderick and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who voiced the grown-up and child Simba, respectively. But the actor has won plenty of hearts himself. Chris Traeger was "literally" one of the most lovable characters on television. The most optimistic city manager in the world was irreplaceable on Parks and Recreation, and we know Lowe will be just as magnetic in The Lion Guard.

4. Gabrielle Union Has the Heart of a Lion

After PEOPLE declared her one of the World's Most Beautiful in May, Union opened up about becoming a poised woman with killer confidence. "If you carry yourself with confidence, and you move through the world with your head held high and your shoulders back, you don't need to be a [size] double-zero," she told PEOPLE. Sounds like a lion queen to us!

5. They Know How to Deal With Bad Boys, On and Off-Screen

Judging from what we know about his parents, new kid on the rock Kion will probably have a tendency to get into mischief. We're sure the lion cub will be just as curious as his dad when it comes to the places the sun doesn't touch, but dealing with troublesome tikes should be no problem for Lowe and Union. Lowe admitted to PEOPLE his sons John Owen and Matthew "have been a handful at times." Meanwhile, Union has three stepsons, Dada, Zion, and Zaire, with husband Dwayne Wade. "The more, the merrier," she told PEOPLE about her full house. And the actress has dealt with some misbehaving males on-screen as well.

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar airs on the Disney Channel in November.
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