Here's a Guy Surfing the Pacific Ocean on a Dirt Bike (VIDEO)

08/03/2015 AT 03:40 PM EDT

For most of us, one extreme sport is enough. Surfing, what with the sharks and all, or dirt biking, what with the crashes and all.

For Robbie Madison, neither is good enough. The Australian athlete has released a video in collaboration with DC Shoes called "Pipe Dream," in which he literally surfs a wave on his dirt bike.

Filming in Tahiti, Madison traverses wet and dry land in the jungles of French Polynesia before transitioning onto the ocean. We're not dirt bike scientists or anything, but it really does look like he just strapped skis to the frame of his dirt bike and swapped out the bike's back wheel for a paddle-wheel-esque contraption.

The video was uploaded Sunday and has been viewed over 4 million times. Part of it is the video's amazing editing, part of it is the beautiful photography, but really, most of it is probably the sheer insanity of watching a dude ride a motorcycle on the ocean. This is why we're alive, people.
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