Naked and Afraid: Ryan Seacrest Accidentally Shattered a Glass Shower Door While Nude

07/18/2015 AT 02:25 PM EDT

Ryan Seacrest's vacation, or "unit" as he calls time off, took an unexpected turn last Saturday when he would up naked and bleeding in his hotel room at Las Vantanas al Paraiso in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The TV personality shared the scary – but hilarious – story during a visit to The Tonight Show on Friday.

"On Saturday night I saw that I had one of those outdoor showers, and I had never used one of those outdoor showers before," Seacrest told host Jimmy Fallon, continuing, "So I went out, I did an outdoor shower, I was so happy with myself."

It was only when Seacrest attempted to leave the hotel shower that disaster struck.

"I'm pulling the glass door shut and as I'm pulling it shut I yank it, and it breaks into a thousand pieces. And it showers on me, completely naked, standing there," he said.

Seacrest, 40, was luckily only cut on his head and his hand, and instead of the hospital, he treated his injuries at "the tequila bar."

"I was obviously with my great strength that I broke it so easily," he joked.

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"Going on @fallontonight to trade battle scar stories," Seacrest tweeted on Friday in anticipation for the show's broadcast. A photo of his bandaged hand accompanied the Tweet.

The stars compared injuries, but Seacrest's tiny cut was nothing next to Fallon's bandaged hand. Fallon is still recuperating after nearly losing his finger after tripping on a rug in June.
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