VIDEO: R&B Band Finds the Sexy Side of the Sailor Moon Theme Song

06/25/2014 01:15PM

They took the DuckTales theme song to sensual new levels. They made a quiet storm out of the Transformers theme. They even found a new side to the Powerpuff Girls opening tune. Clearly, Sailor Moon seemed like the next logical step.

The band is called Saturday Morning Slow Jams, and they've hit the sweet spot between artistic expression and nostalgia by transforming the music of their (and your) childhoods into smooth, sexy R&B covers. In this latest effort, singer Andromeda Turre even makes a nod to Sailor Moon's origins by singing a verse in Japanese – while wearing pigtails, no less.

The cover coincides with the return of Sailor Moon to Hulu, unedited and in the original Japanese, and it's just one more reminder that yes, now is a wonderful time to be a geek.

For nostalgia-heightening purposes, here's the original version of the show's theme.

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