See Salma Hayek Eat Spray Cheese and Silk Worms Like a Boss on Watch What Happens Live

08/13/2015 AT 10:50 AM EDT

Salma Hayek might eat French delicacies on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean she's too good for spray cheese.

Hayek – who lives in France with her husband, French business mogul François-Henri Pinault, and their 7-year-old daughter, Valentina – grabbed a can of the dairy-like substance and confidently squirted it into her mouth on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday.

"Gimme that," she declared as fellow guest Craig Robinson opened a box containing the can during a segment appropriately titled "Will Salma Eat It?!?!"

"Ooh, that was very sexy," host Andy Cohen said as she hoisted the can up to her mouth.

Hayek, 48, who lends her voice to the new animated film The Prophet, out Friday, proved she was the master of the game, boldly sampling dishes that might not go down smooth for everyone.

The game kicked off with a dish of deep-fried frog, which Hayek said she eats "all the time" in France.

Next up was stir-fried silk worms, a dish that's also in her wheelhouse.

"Oh yeah, these are Mexican," she said as she took a bite.

The only food that the Mexican-born beauty hesitated before eating? Gefilte fish – thus proving she's no seder regular.

"What the heck is that?" she said as Robinson presented her with it.

"It's kind of like Spam for Jews," Cohen replied.
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