Sandra Bland's Mother Speaks Out During Her Funeral: 'I Still Don't Know What Happened to My Baby'

Sandra Bland's Mother Speaks Out During Funeral
Sandra Bland
Courtesy Sandra Bland

07/25/2015 AT 05:00 PM EDT

Sandra Bland was laid to rest on Saturday morning in Lisle, Illinois, nearly two weeks after she was found dead in a Texas jail cell.

The funeral services were held at the DuPage African Methodist Episcopal Church in the Chicago suburb. Hundreds of mourners gathered in the 400-seat church, with others overflowing into the chapel's basement and lobby.

Funeral attendees donned blue shirts with messages like "#SandySpeaks" and "Unite Not Incite," while others adorned their clothing with photo badges of Bland.

Flowers were spread throughout the church and covered Bland's white casket, which was taken to Mt. Glenwood Memorial Gardens West in Willow Springs, Illinois, in a white hearse to be buried. Bland's family also wore white.

"I am the mom and I'm telling you that baby did not take herself out," Bland's mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, said during her eulogy. "I still don't know what happened to my baby."

Bland was arrested on July 10 after she made an improper lane change in Waller County, Texas. Three days later, on July 13, Bland was found dead in her jail cell. Authorities maintain she hung herself with a white trash bag, tied with a slip knot, claiming she suffered from depression and allegedly talked of a previous suicide attempt.

While Bland's family maintains that she was not emotionally unstable, Reed-Veal still urged funeral attendees not to protest at the home of State Trooper Brian Encinia, who arrested Bland.

"That's private property, and he has a family." she said.

Bland's autopsy report, released on Friday, ruled her death a suicide. The report also found evidence of about 25-30 linear superficial wounds on her left forearm, ranging in lengths up to 1 inch. The wounds were faint and scabbed, which prosecutors claim shows that they were self-inflicted.

Bland's family attorney Cannon Lambert said they believe the autopsy was "defective."

"The family's confidence is shaken by the continued discrepancies that are surfacing," Lambert said.
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