Hillary Clinton Literally Transforms into Bernie Sanders to Attract Millennial Voters in SNL Ad Parody

03/13/2016 AT 12:45 PM EDT

To all of the millennials in America, Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton has a message, courtesy of Saturday Night Live:

Clinton shares all of your "exact same beliefs" and always has and looks and sounds just like Sen. Bernie Sanders, because maybe she secretly is?

This weekend's SNL spoofed Clinton's enthusiasm gap with younger liberal voters through a prism that turned her into Sanders over the course of a two-minute fake campaign ad.

"Luckily I, Hillary Clinton, share all of your exact same beliefs, and I always have," she said at the start. "Since the beginning of my campaign, I have constantly said, 'We need a revolution in the streets.' "

First came the Sanders glasses, then the Sanders voice and then the Sanders suits. And finally: the Sanders hair.

"When it comes to that darn Wall Street, I've always believed no bank can be too big to fail, [in a Sanders voice] 'no executive too' – you know the rest," Clinton said near the end. "That famous mobilizing sentence that works on you guys that I've been saying this whole time."

In conclusion: "Thank you, millennials, for lending your support to the biggest outsider Jew in the race: Hillary Rodham Clinton."
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