Nick Jonas (and His Arm Muscles) Woo Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Saturday Night Live

04/17/2016 AT 09:20 AM EDT

This weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live did a skit about a pool boy, who was carrying on an affair with an older woman, featuring musical guest Nick Jonas – but not as the pool boy.

That was one of only several surprises. Such as: The pool boy (played by cast member Pete Davidson) was kind of dumb. Sweet! Accommodating. But simple. And totally cool with the affair thing, or not. Y'know, whatever.

And the married older woman (played by host Julia Louis-Dreyfus) just could not stop tormenting herself about the whole situation. How it would wreck her life, her family's life, society, etc., etc.

Finally she ended it with the pool boy, closing that chapter of her life for good, ready to face her affair-less future with resolve. Then, with a turn of her head, there was Jonas – and his arms – mowing her law.

Pool boy who?

Louis-Dreyfus' character had a slightly more NSFW reaction: "I'm going to f--- that kid."
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