Scandal Recap: Sex, Drugs and Lies in the White House

Scandal Recap: Season 4, Episode 4
Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on Scandal

10/17/2014 AT 10:15 AM EDT

On Thursday night's episode of Scandal, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) watched the apple of President Fitz's eye turn sour, all while Jake's secret plan to out her father floundered, taking him down with it.

It's the first daughter's turn at a little, er, a lot of mischief. She and some friends snuck out of school to a party where they danced, drank and took drugs. Basic teen misbehaving until she lands herself in a threesome with two unknown boys, one of whom ends up taping the tryst – including scenes of an I-don't-even-want-to-know sex act called "Eiffel Towering" – and sends her the clip as a kinky keepsake.

Before the party's over, Olivia and team Pope are on the case. Huck cuts the lights and remotely disables partygoers' cell phones as the team smuggles the first daughter out of there. Back at the White House, the defiant teen tells Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) it wasn't rape but a sordid affair she happily took part in. Fitz throws a fit until Olivia calms him down to focus on the tape at hand.

After narrowing down one of the girl's partners, Quinn pays the boy a visit and gets him to cough up the other tape-wielding fellow's name. Meeting with Liv, the parents of sex partner No. 2 see how their son's misbehaving can pay off. They demand a hefty $2.5 million to make the tape go away.

Meanwhile Liv's reappearance at the White House has two people majorly peeved. An angry Abby asks Cyrus why her old boss is on her turf, only to get brutally brought back to reality: "You will never be Olivia Pope." And when Mellie storms Fitz's office telling him to get rid of Liv, he fills her in on her daughter's sex secret and calls her out on her absentee parenting, prolonged mourning and even her b.o. ("Smelly Mellie," anyone?)

As the White House turns upside down, Jake (Scott Foley) is at the end of his rope. Daddy Pope Rowan tries to talk his main henchman, the president's secret service guard Tom, into killing Jake. Up on the plan, Jake tries to convince his would-be assassin to turn on Rowan instead. Jake pays David Rosen a visit, telling him to hand over the B613 files just in case.

When Jake tries to meet with the president and out Rowan, it's a little too late (especially considering Liv's already told jealous Fitz about her and Jake's romantic getaway). The president leaves him waiting while he goes to watch Rowan grill Tom on his son's murder. By the end, Rowan's in the clear with Tom and Jake in federal custody for murder of the worst degree.

Liv gets the amateur videographer's greedy, seedy parents to make the tape disappear, reading them a riot act only the ferociously persuasive Olivia Pope can dish out. It's a job well done, but Jake's a no-show for dinner, and she's got no one to celebrate with.

With what's going down between her ex and her lover, Liv better get used to alone time.

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