Scott Disick 'Acts Like He Doesn't Care Anymore' After Split with Kourtney: Source

Kourtney Kardashian Ex Scott Disick Acts Like He Doesn't Care: Source
Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian
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07/17/2015 AT 04:45 PM EDT

How does Scott Disick feel after his breakup with Kourtney Kardashian? Even his friends don't know for sure.

"His actions aren't making any sense," says a source close to Disick, 32. "He's going from one thing to another. He's going to get help. No, he's going to appear at a club. No, he's going to do both. No, he's not going to do either. What he says is changing moment by moment. No one is putting any stock into what he says."

Another issue: Disick's changing stories. In one instance, he told a friend that he was in California when he was photographed in New York. "He's not being truthful with the people who love him and are on his side," says the source. "I don't always believe him."

And he canceled a Saturday appearance at Harrah's The Pool After Dark in Atlantic City, New Jersey, just two days in advance.

"Scott gets defensive," the source continues. "If he's pressed for the truth, he tries to turn it back around on the person who is asking. He has this mentality of 'How dare you ask if I'm telling the truth?'"

With a reconciliation unlikely, Disick and Kardashian, 36, haven't spoken for several days. "All of their communication is through intermediaries,"the source says. "Scott is acting like he doesn't care anymore, that he's over the whole thing, but you can tell that he's in pain."
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